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A product that saves you money
A simple drip every 2,5 seconds can waste 1 liter of water every 8 hours. If the Intelligent Key were to be used at night this would result in the saving of 30 liters water per month.

Water tanks or cisterns can leak 0,800 liters/minute = 48 liters/hour, wasting 384 liters in one night; wasting the equivalent of 6 showers.

We define the Intelligent Key as a useful device for helping energetic efficiency and energy saving, by means of reducing electricity consumption of water pumps used in heating systems by more than 75%. As these systems will only be in use when people are at home.

The Intelligent Key can also be connected to whirlpool baths and showers to obtain a total disconnection when not in use. This reduces electricity consumption as these devices usually consume electricity when in stand-by mode due to their transformers, etc. - Phone 981 973 474 and 677 005 026
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